Adam, 0352

In the future of the Heights the greatest sign of wealth is showing you can buy a man; bring him to his knees day after day and still have him return for more.

The Cardiff Christmas Club

A love-triangle isn’t Katy’s only challenge when she returns home from a year travelling. And when disaster strikes she needs everyone to pull together to keep Christmas special.

The River

In a ruthless world where even being born comes at a price, Ryan finds sanctuary in The City; a protected haven guarded by soldiers and governed by a religious order devoted to the River.

Terms & Conditions

All feedback is provided as advice and no responsibility or liability is accepted for any action that may arise as a result of advice provided. If for any reason I am unable to finish your work I [...]

What about copyright and privacy?

I save and store your manuscript on a private computer and will never share or distribute your work. I will ask your permission before sharing any feedback or testimonial you provide to me and [...]

Is there anything you won’t read?

I will read nearly all fiction and some non-fiction. With non-fiction it depends how technical a critique you require. I can provide an informed critique on general areas of non-fiction; travel [...]

What kind of feedback will I receive?

I will provide you with honest but constructive criticism. The aim of a beta-read is to identify issues in your text where things currently aren’t working as well as they could be. I will explain [...]

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