The River made him.
The River will break him.

About me

Hi, I’m Nick Frampton, a writer based in Exeter, Devon. I love getting out and about on the beaches and moors of Devon, attending food festivals with my baker-husband and am overly fond of watching 90s/00s verbose American high school dramas.

I really enjoy travelling and wrote an early draft of my debut novel The River on a round the world trip. The spectacular scenery of New Zealand inspired the landscapes of the novel. I’ve also used my experiences backpacking to co-write Your Big Adventure: An essential guide to travelling, backpacking and gap years.

For Christmas 2017 I wrote The Cardiff Christmas Club – a feel good festive romance set in the Welsh capital, where I lived for ten years.

When I’m not writing I can usually be found reading. I offer a professional beta reading service for writers, combining detailed feedback and critique with developmental advice and proofreading to support the editing process.

Thanks for checking out my website, if you’d like to find out more about my books or service as a beta reader you can find me on Twitter @framptonbooks or use the contact form below.


My Writing

I love writing in a range of genres, but most of my work falls broadly in to fantasy, romance or travel. But I also think that blending genres adds to storytelling. I try to write fantasy fiction characters motivated by love, and romantic characters that are heroic in their own way.

My books are available as eBooks on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo and more. The Cardiff Christmas Club is also available as a paperback on Amazon.

If you’d like to try a sample of my writing, Adam 0532 is completely free.

The River

In a ruthless world where even being born comes at a price, Ryan finds sanctuary in The City; a protected haven guarded by soldiers and governed by a religious order devoted to the River.

The Cardiff Christmas Club

A love-triangle isn’t Katy’s only challenge when she returns home from a year travelling. And when disaster strikes she needs everyone to pull together to keep Christmas special.

Adam, 0352

In the future of the Heights the greatest sign of wealth is showing you can buy a man; bring him to his knees day after day and still have him return for more.


I’ve always been drawn to the fantastical and the legacies of myth and history, magic and fairy-tale that underpin so much of storytelling.

Authors like C.S. Lewis, Philip Pullman, Margaret Atwood, Jasper Fforde and Kevin Brockmeier (to name a few) are writers that I regularly return to, and they have always inspired me with their ability to blend the familiar and the incredible.

Writing my debut novel The River has given me the chance to explore these themes of fantasy, mythology, gods and heroes for myself. The River is the first book in the epic Cities of Life and Death series and is out now.

Beta reading & developmental advice

As a writer I understand how important it is to get detailed and constructive feedback on your manuscript.

I offer an affordable and comprehensive beta-reading service that includes developmental advice and a light-touch proofread.

This means I go beyond the usual beta-reading level of feedback and provide practical support to help you address issues like plot-holes and characterisation using my own experiences as a writer.

  • Nick Frampton is amazing. He is quick to pick up on a story and give regular updates and is great at catching all the little proofreading errors that we tend to miss as we get absorbed into our writing. His summary and overall view is an amazing breakdown of the story. He also has a great way of pointing out other ways to enhance the story without ever trying to change your words to be something you did not intend. He really is a great audience and beta reader for any author and I would recommend everyone use him.

    Joanna Smart
    Joanna Smart Life Under Wraps
  • Thank you very much for this extensive feedback…your attention to detail is laudable, especially by using examples to justify your points, which makes it all the more useful at my end. I am forever grateful for all your work. Whatever becomes of this book would not have been so without your input. Thank you.

    Caspar Wallersteiner
    Caspar Wallersteiner Bound by Blood – Part II
  • Nick is by far the best beta reader I've worked with! He provided detailed, useful notes on my manuscript that took into account every element of my story. He also gave helpful suggestions and ideas that will genuinely work with the theme and style of my book. I will definitely be recommending Nick's services to my fellow writers!

    Isabelle Sudron
    Isabelle Sudron Olive in the Heights
  • It was really wonderful! You managed to cover the exact areas that I was most concerned about in good detail and you gave me very useful feedback on my manuscript. Your suggestions were great and helped me improve my book. In addition to all this, you got back to me far sooner than I expected. I really appreciate your hard work to get this done within my cramped timeframe. I will definitely come back to you on future projects. As of now, you have been both the fastest to respond and the most intricate and detailed beta reader that I have worked with. I also appreciate your added help with tenses and grammar mistakes. You really went above and beyond what I had asked of you.

    Andy Nadir
    Andy Nadir Off the Grid (A War with no End)
  • Nick Frampton's beta reading was all that one could ask for. It was structured into sections concerning each aspect of the novel - pace, plot, language, you name it. His criticism is constructive and justified, and made me look at the text in a different light. His turnaround was quick and he was readily available for reader-writer dialogue. He also provided proofreading, which was complete and fair. I intend on using Nick again, and would definitely recommend him to those looking for an impeccable beta reader.

    Caspar Wallersteiner
    Caspar Wallersteiner Bound by Blood

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